From the start of the uprising in Syria, SETF was inspired and worked hard to mobilize the Syrian community to support the revolution. SETF played a major role to establish a coalition to bring all the organizations together as a united political front to echo the voice of the revolution, SETF vision help drawing the real working map for all Syrian Organizations

Quote from our Executive Director:

“Syria is the worst humanitarian crisis in our lifetime. It is our never again moment and it is what drives our humanitarian and advocacy work.  SETF is an organization for anyone who wants to help give a voice to the voiceless and to keep the spark of freedom, justice, and democracy alive in Syria while standing against tyranny and terrorism”

Areas of Focus

The Syrian Emergency Task Force was originally established to advocate on behalf of the Syrian people in the United States Government. We have never lost sight of that objective. We believe that it is the responsibility of the United States to play a leadership role in the world to help stop the slaughter of civilians in Syria because an end to the violence serves both US National Interests and aligns with our core values and principles that our country was founded on. Protecting civilians is also key in our fight against terrorism in the region and globally.

SETF understands the fact that peace is impossible without justice.  We have regularly strived to support documentation efforts of the war crimes carried out against the Syrian people. In our partnership with the Ceaser team and renowned experts of international humanitarian law we have continuously pursued legal prosecutions of war criminals all over the world. In pursuit of justice we have accomplished the following and continue to work on bringing new court cases against perpetrators of war crimes:

The Child Number Chart

Working on the worst humanitarian crisis the world has seen since World War II is no easy task. The Syrian Emergency Task Force focuses its humanitarian support to those still inside the war zone. Our work focuses on Internally Displaced People specifically orphans, besieged civilians, and those in most need. The overwhelming amount of funds and efforts of SETF goes to our humanitarian work and the following are some examples of our initiatives:

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SETF worked with donor governments to support civilian governing structures in liberated areas of Syria including Local Councils, local police forces, civilian courts, and civil society organizations. We hold workshops focused on Transitional Justice, Reconciliation, and support to youth minorities and women on the ground in Syria. The following are some examples of our activities:

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Helped People


"The Syrian Emergency Task Force is the single most effective grassroots organization working on the Syria conflict. With a small staff, and bare-bones operation, it engages effectively in Congress to develop legislation to hold accountable the perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity. SETF has built broad coalitions of like-minded organizations to raise public awareness of the devastating human consequences of the Assad regime’s brutal campaign against the Syrian people. SETF’s staff has been relentless in its pursuit of justice for Syrians, advocating around the world in support of legal efforts to bring Assad and his senior officials before courts to answer for their crimes. It also undertakes extraordinary work on the ground, providing Syrian children with opportunities to continue their educations, supporting civil society activists, and laying foundations for a better future for all Syrians, whatever the outcome of the current conflict might be. I am proud to be associated with SETF and its outstanding, dedicated team." Steven Heydemann Dr. Ketcham Chair in Middle East Studies, Smith College SETF Advisory Board Member

Dr. Steven Heydemann
SETF Advisory Board Member
Michael Kane from The Valley Syria Relief Committee, Northampton, MA
“The Valley Syrian Relief Committee (VSRC), a network of faith-based organizations in Western Mass., has been a partner with SETF in the struggle to end the war in Syria, bring the Assad regime to justice, and create a viable and democratic future for Syria. We have greatly benefitted from our work with Mouaz, Natalie, Erica and the SETF Board. They have been an inspiration to VSRC, speaking at our events, providing analysis and guidance that impacts Congressional legislation, and connecting us with others who are also fighting on behalf of the Syrian people (e.g., the Holocaust Museum, former Ambassador Stephen Rapp, and Dr. Stephen Heydemann). In effect, SETF has had a profound impact on our work.” Photos of Michael, Sara, and Debbie of the VSRC with Mouaz Moustafa and Mazen Alhummada at an event in Northampton to raise awareness for injustice in Syria this October 2017.
Michael Kane from The Valley Syria Relief Committee, Northampton, MA
"I've had an amazing experience so far volunteering with SETF. I've been able to take part in spreading awareness and attending various events with the organization. While being a volunteer I have been able to start on a few projects and hope that they excel from here. So grateful for this opportunity to work closely with the team."
Nora Bouzihay
Little Rock AR volunteer
Thank you for your message and we are happy for the site to go live as soon possible even with some missing testimonials.  We anticipate receiving these soon and we do have one here, and the corresponding photo is attached: "In a world filled with conflicts, rumors of conflict, nations rising up against nations, government administering violence against its people, SETF has emerged as a beacon of light championing the liberation of the victimized, oppressed and displaced people of Syria. Working with SETF has given me the opportunity to connect directly with brave Syrian survivors and champions of freedom. I have had the privilege of laying my own brick on the many already laid for the liberation of Syrians and Syria. SETF will keep building until the world sees our hut as a LIGHTHOUSE beckoning for its intervention in the worst humanitarian disaster since WWII." Darlynton Adegor Darlynton is a Clinton School Graduate Student and lawyer and a Syrian Emergency Task Force fellow.
Darlynton Adegor
Darlynton is a Clinton School Graduate Student and lawyer and a Syrian Emergency Task Force fellow
"The Syrian Emergency Task Force is the most effective U.S. advocacy group working on behalf of the Syrian democratic opposition and Syrian-American community. SETF also maintains close ties with the opposition working abroad, in Syria and neighboring countries."
Jim Hooper
Former Senior Diplomat under President Clinton
Michael Kane from The Valley Syria Relief Committee, Northampton, MA

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