WISdom house

As the crisis in Syria unfolds, SETF connects communities in the United States to sustain a Kindergarten for orphans, The Wisdom House, and a women’s center in war-torn Idlib Province in Northwestern Syria.


Our school is supported entirely by American communities and our hope is that the community to community bridge-building will create a more understanding and caring world.


The Wisdom House Kindergarten

Since 2016 we have been providing quality education for over 130 students, mostly orphans and displaced from the war.  In November 2016, explosions could be heard by The Wisdom House as a school was being bombed in a nearby village. We moved the school into an entirely underground space in December 2016. The students love the new space which the teachers have worked very hard to make colorful and bright.


Tomorrow's Dawn Women's Center

In August of 2017, we began a center for women to empower those who have been widowed by war and to support community-building and civil service. Most of the attendees have been displaced and can now learn a new skill from the courses offered by Tomorrow's Dawn including vocational courses such as nursing/ first aid, cosmetology, jewelry making, home economics, English, and Arabic. Tomorrow’s Dawn also offers human rights workshops, community meetings, and a theater troupe.