Letters of hope for Syria

Writing a letter is the simplest and most direct way to avoid being a bystander to the atrocities in Syria


Send your Letters of Hope to 

PO box 250972; Little Rock, AR 72225


Our inspiration:

When Aleppo was on the verge of falling to the regime after a long besiegement, fliers were dropped to civilians, like those pictured, saying "the world has left you alone to face your doom". We want to send a counter message to the people suffering in Syria.


A thought, prayer, drawing, or any message of encouragement can brighten the day for someone in Syria. We've received an incredibly positive response from our previous deliveries. The Wisdom House school told us that our "emotional support" is as important as the material aide we provided.


The letters are sent to the Letters of Hope PO Box 250972, Little Rock AR 72225.  Mouaz and Natalie from the SETF team take the letters to our field director, Jomah, in Gaziantep, Turkey. He then takes the letters inside Syria to distribute with our team on the ground.

The letters go to internally displaced peoples including mothers, grandmothers, fathers, children, students, etc. We try to connect letters from people in the United States to a person similar to them in Syria, so a letter from a grandmother in the US will go to a grandmother in Syria or a student’s letter will go to a Syrian student.