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Syrian Emergency Task Force



As the government in Syria increases its brutal attacks on civilians, three million men, women, and children in Idlib province are at risk of mass killing. The international community must work to protect those in danger and hold perpetrators accountable.


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Assisting the Syrian people to relieve suffering. 

SETF Is A Humanitarian Non-Profit American Organization Pursuing Justice, Democracy, And Peace In Syria.


Areas of Work


Political Advocacy

The Syrian Emergency Task Force was originally established to advocate on behalf of the Syrian people to the United States Government. We have never lost sight of that objective. 

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Pursuing Justice

Peace is impossible without justice.  In the pursuit of justice, SETF supports documentation efforts of the war crimes carried out against the Syrian people and pursues legal action of war crimes all over the world.

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SETF’s humanitarian support, and an overwhelming amount of our funds, goes primarily to those still inside the war zone. We focus on Internally Displaced People, specifically orphans, besieged civilians, and those in most need.

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Civil Society 

SETF supports civilian governing structures in liberated areas of Syria including local councils, local police forces, civilian courts, and other civil society organizations. We hold workshops focused on transitional justice, reconciliation, and the support of youth, minorities, and women on the ground in Syria.

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Letting the Syrian people know they are not alone...

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Recent Work on the Ground


Rukban Camp

SETF works closely with civilians in the desperate Rukban IDP camp in southern Syria (near the Jordanian border). Out of the nearly 50,000 internally displaced people in this camp, half of them are children.  Their basic needs are not met and these 50,000 people are starving in the desert.

SETF has been working to bring essential items into Rukban and advocate for their protection with the American government.

Kids in Rukban hold signs pleading for protection

Kids in Rukban hold signs pleading for protection



The war in Syria rages on, with President Bashar al-Assad's regime continuing its onslaught of airstrikes in northwest Idlib province, the last rebel stronghold. — Our field director weighs in on the humanitarian situation in Idlib, Syria.

Every 10 minutes we hear ‘BOOOM’
— Jomah, Alkasem, SETF Field Director

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New Products

Every purchase goes directly to SETF’s humanitarian work, the Wisdom House Project. Get a gift that gives this year!

These “I Stand with Syria” metal bracelets were made for the Wisdom House and make the perfect gift.

These “I Stand with Syria” metal bracelets were made for the Wisdom House and make the perfect gift.