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The Caesar Exhibit:

The Caesar exhibit is an incredibly powerful event. It highlights the ongoing torture and mass death carried out by the Assad regime in its notorious prisons or, Amnesty International has called, “Human Slaughterhouse.” SETF invites universities, religious institutions, or groups where passionate people will be willing to learn about an on-going never-again moments, to host the Caesar exhibit. The exhibit will showcase 30 of the most-tolerable photographs, all authenticated by the FBI.

SETF also typically offers a panel for a discussion with key advocates, experts, and survivors to further shed light on the atrocities. After the initial display and discussion, it can be arranged for the photos to remain on display at the university for up for a week.

Caesar, the only person ever to testify before Congress in disguise.

Caesar, the only person ever to testify before Congress in disguise.

Who is Caesar?

Caesar (not his real name) was a Syrian military photographer who was conscripted by the Assad regime to take pictures of people who died in military detention. In early 2011 he began to notice that civilians were being tortured and killed in the detention centers. He started amassing photographic documentation of the civilian deaths. When Caesar’s life became too endangered, he fled Syria with a flash drive full of photographs in his sock. Caesar now lives in hiding outside of Syria. His flash drive is at The US Holocaust Memorial Museum in DC.

The Caesar file

The 55,000 photographs Caesar smuggled out of Syria, known as the Caesar file,  document atrocities carried out by the Assad regime against civilians and have been verified by the FBI's International Human Rights Unit (IHRU).  They depict groups of people and individuals, men and women, children and elderly, people from different ethnic groups – Arab, Kurd, Christian, Alawite; their one commonality is they all were somehow judged disloyal to Assad. Disloyalty could be demonstrated by providing humanitarian aid, showing sympathy to victims, living in the wrong city, or for other, trivial reasons. Caesar himself was not allowed to grimace or show any compassion while photographing the brutally tortured and killed victims, otherwise he too would have been killed.

The Syrian Emergency Task Force, in our partnership with the Ceaser team and renowned experts of international humanitarian law, including the United States Holocaust memorial museum, US War Crimes Ambassador Stephen Rapp, and international lawyers, pursue legal prosecutions of war criminals all over the world using the Caesar file and material witnesses as evidence.


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