Civil Society


We support civil society organizations and local councils in Syria in order to help promote democracy from the ground up and counter extremism to ensure that war lords and terrorists do not take a foothold in areas liberated from regime control.

SETF worked with donor governments to support civilian governing structures in liberated areas of Syria including Local Councils, local police forces, civilian courts, and civil society organizations. We hold workshops focused on Transitional Justice, Reconciliation, and support to youth minorities and women on the ground in Syria.

Examples of our work:

  • Provided equipment distribution for security and justice program in the country

  • Provided Training and equipping to Local Civilian Councils in Syria with the support of US State Department

  • Ran workshops focused on training women to be more involved in the political process and to learn the foundations of democracy in partnership with the International Republican Institute and USAID

  • Trained local organizations to have the capability to produce Food Security Assessments for their areas

  • Organized conferences promoting the role of Civil Society in peacebuilding efforts

  • Provided regular assessments of local governance in liberated areas of Syria.

  • Continue to monitor and evaluate programs supported by donor governments
    including local governance, coordination, and delivery of services.