Areas of work

Legal Efforts

We help document war crimes by all sides against Syrian civilians. We are the custodians of the Caesar file detailing the torture to death of thousands of men, women, and children by the Assad government. We work closely with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum and international lawyers to bring justice and accountability for the innocent victims of this war.

SETF understands the fact that peace is impossible without justice. We have regularly strived to support documentation efforts of the war crimes carried out against the Syrian people. In our partnership with the Ceaser team and renowned experts of international humanitarian law we have continuously pursued legal prosecutions of war criminals all over the world. In pursuit of justice we have accomplished the following and continue to work on bringing new court cases against perpetrators of war crimes:

Civil Action before US District Court for the District of Columbia Case: 1:11-cv-00876

We currently have a pending civil action under the Alien Tort Claims Act and Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act before the US District Court.

Worked as part of the Caesar team to expose the regime’s machinery of death, holding exhibits across the world including: the European Parliament, UK Parliament, US Congress, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Smith College, Dublin Ireland, Nobel Peace Center in Norway, UN General Secretariat NY, Georgetown University, and planning many more exhibits highlighting the need for justice and accountability.

Provided pictures and information for an exhibit at the US Memorial Holocaust Museum in Washington DC.

Work regularly with former US War Crimes Ambassador Steven Rapp and a team of legal experts to bring national cases against the Assad regime based on the Caesar file evidence

Pursuing multiple prosecution efforts in Europe and elsewhere to bring cases against the criminals within the Assad regime.

Continuing to identify victims and witnesses to bring cases against the Assad regime in countries where our victims may hold dual nationalities or in countries that have universal jurisdiction.

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