The Syrian Emergency Task Force successfully delivered 2 projectors, 2 printers, and 2 laptops to the orphanage making this school enriched with technology and opening up many doors for teachers to introduce lessons to their classes. 

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kids1This week, the Syrian Emergency Task Force sent $2,900 of much-needed baby milk to the village in Idlib, Syria where our SETF-supported orphanage, The Wisdom House, is located.  The English teacher at the orphanage distributed the milk to families in need, including to some of her own students' families. She told us that her students were so excited to bring home milk for their little brothers and sisters. Although these students are only six years of age or younger, they are more concerned with their families than their own selves. The teacher said this is because living in a war zone has caused them be like adults at a very young age. 

Baby milk continues to be an item in desperate need all over Syria. Please support our efforts to continue this important work.



The Syrian Emergency Task Force sent 300 mattresses and 300 blankets to aide Syrian men women and children who have fled from eastern Aleppo after the recent siege.  

Tens of thousands of families have been finally allowed to escape the massacres that are ongoing in Aleppo by Russian, Iranian, and Syrian government forces. SETF has been dedicated to support these displaced families in any way we can, providing necessities of life including blankets food shelter and medicine.  

We continue to collect and send money to those most in need. We’ve already sent over $10,000 in aide to those who have fled the city. Please help us continue these efforts to support the civilians of Aleppo.

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SETF Truckload of Matresses and Bedding Reaches Civilians outside of Aleppo on December 27, 2016.

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SETF has connected communities in America to an orphanage in Idlib, Syria where support keeps the school and teachers operating, the children learning, and the hope for an educated future alive for these children. 

Located in a rebel-held area of Idlib Province, the school is vulnerable to regime and Russian air force attacks. The school is one of the only schools left in the area that has not been destroyed by shelling or bombing. Many of the children have lost one of both parents to the conflict, and many have seen their homes leveled.

Due to the escalated intensity of bombing in the area, and the known targeting of schools by the Assad regime and Russia, the orphanage moved its location to a cellar that is entirely underground this past week.

SETF has successfully provided a bus, electric generator, teacher salaries, printers, laptops, projectors, backpacks, and more to the orphanage. The heaters, doors, floor, boards, and most importantly- the kids- are all in the new space today.

We continue to ask for donations to support this incredible initiative that assures the Syrian children they are not alone. 

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The Wisdom House, our SETF-established school/orphanage in Idlib, Syria


 Subjects Taught:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Basic Math
  • Basic Islamics
  • Drawing
Goal: to sustain the school for the next five years, monitor progress through civil council, and connect people-to-people with the students and staff  


June 2016- First SETF Delivery of backpacks, school supplies, food, bed mats

September 2016- Electric generator ($1500) and portion of teacher salaries provided ($3500)

 IMG 5585IMG 5615 generator1


October 2016- SETF sends Bus, desks are painted

IMG 6975

November 2016- Water and Diesel Tankers, Sandwiches provided, 2 printers, 2 laptops, 2 projectors, stationery




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