Syria Reports


Institute for the Study of War

Jihad in Syria- Elizabeth O’Bagy September 17, 2012

The Campaign for North Syria- Joseph Holliday September 17, 2012

Rebel Groups in Northern Aleppo Province- Jeffrey Bolling August 29, 2012

Unraveling the Syria Mess: A Crisis Simulation of Spillover from the Syrian Civil War- Kenneth M. Pollack, Frederick W. Kagan, Kimberly Kagan, and Marisa C. Sullivan August 7, 2012

Russian Naval Base Tartus – Christopher Harmer July 31, 2012

Rebel Groups of Jebel Al-Zawiyah- Asher Berman July 27, 2012

Syrian Air Defense Force Attack on Turkish Reconnaissance Airport- Christopher Harmer July 11, 2012

Syria’s Maturing Insurgency- Joseph Holliday June 21 2012

Syria’s Political Struggle: Spring 2012- Elizabeth O’Bagy June 7, 2012

Syria’s Political Opposition  - Elizabeth O’Bagy April 13, 2012

Syria’s Armed Opposition- Joseph Holliday March 8, 2012

The Struggle for Syria in 2011- Joseph Holliday December 14, 2011

The Free Syrian Army - Elizabeth O’Bagy March 24, 2013

Human Rights Watch

Syria: End Opposition Use of Torture, Executions – September 17, 2012

Syria: Government Attacking Bread Lines- August 30, 2012

Syria Neighbors: Keep Borders Open for Refugees- August 29, 2012

Lebanon: Investigate, Prosecute Kidnappers- August 20,2012

Syria: Fighter Jet Bombing Kills Over 40 Civilians- August 16, 2012

Syria: Fighter Planes Strike Aleppo Hospital- August 15, 2012

UN: Human Rights Monitors Still Needed in Syria- August 14, 2012

Syria: Aleppo Civilians at Great Risk- August 10,2012

Syria: Inmate Describes Fatal Assault on Prisoners- July 27, 2012

Syria: Evidence of Cluster Munitions Use by Syrian Forces- July 12, 2012

UN Human Rights Council: Eritrea, Belarus Told to End Abuses- July 6, 2012

Jordan: Bias at the Syrian Border - July 4, 2012

Syria: Torture Centers Revealed- July 3, 2012

Syria: Sexual Assault in Detention- June 15,2012

They Burned my Heart: War Crimes in Northern  Idlib during Peace Plan Negotiations - May 3, 2012

In Cold Blood: Summary Executions by Syrian Security Forces and Pro-Government Militias- April 10,2012

Amnesty International

Justice For Syria: How Satellites Can Help – September 25, 2012

Indiscriminate Attacks Kill, Terrorize and Displace Civilians in Syria – September 18, 2012

Syria: New evidence – High civilian death toll from campaign of indiscriminate attacks – September 18, 2012

Syria’s Neighbors Must Ensure Stranded Refugees are Allowed Access to Safety- September 14, 2012

Syria: Civilians Bear the Brunt as Battle for Aleppo Rages- August 23, 2012

Syria: From Fall- out Repression to Armed Conflict in Aleppo- August 1, 2012

Syria: Disturbing Reports of Summary Killing by Government and Opposition Forces- July 25, 2012

Syrian Forces and Armed Groups will be held Criminally Responsible for War Crimes - July 20,2012

Syria: Security Council Vote with Embolden Violators- July 19, 2012

Syria: UN Must be Given Immediate Access to Investigative Reports of Treimseh Killings- July 13, 2012

Amnesty International with other NGOs calls on UN Security Council to Strengthen Mandate of UN Mission in Syria- July 11, 2012

Friends of Syria Must Use their Influence to Stop Cycle of Repression and VIolence- July 5, 2012

Syria: Attack on TV Station Condemned as UN Report Finds Violence Worsening- June 27, 2012

Syria: Detained Medics Tortured and Killed Amid Aleppo Crackdown- June 26, 2012

Syria: Reports of Helicopter Shipment Underscores Need for Arms Embargo- June 19, 2012

Syria: Fresh Evidence of Armed Forces’ Ongoing Crimes Against Humanity- June 14, 2012

Syria: Diplomats’ Expulsion Must be Followed by Concrete Action- May 29, 2012

Swift UN Action Needed on Syria After Houla Assault- May 28, 2012

Detained Syrian Human Rights Defenders Report Torture- April 27, 2012

UN Security Council’s Resolution on Syria “Underwhelming”- April 14, 2012

‘I wanted to die’: Syria’s torture survivors speak out- March 14, 2012

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Military Implications of the Syria-Turkey Border Incident – October 5, 2012

Safe Havens Overflowing on the Turkey-Syria Border – Soner Cagaptay September 13, 2012

Syria at War: Views from the Turkish and Lebanese Borders - Andrew J. Tabler and Jeffrey White September 13, 2012

Cut off Assad’s Lifelines- Andrew J. Tabler May 30, 2012

Confronting Damascus: U.S. Policy Toward the Evolving Situation in Syria, Part II- Andrew J. Tabler April 25, 2012

Assad Must be Forced to Allow Peaceful Assembly- Andrew J. Tabler April 18, 2012

After the Annan Deadline: Options for U.S. Policy on Syria- Andrew J. Tabler April 11, 2012

Syria: The Battle for Democracy and Change- Ambassador Robert Ford and Andrew J. Tabler October 18,2011

Project on Middle East Democracy

Syria After Assad: Managing the Challenges of Transition – October 5, 2012

International Community Responds to Syrian Attack on Turkey – October 5, 2012

Syria: International Community Struggles with Solution – October 2, 2012

Syria at War: Views from the Turkish and Lebanese Borders- Andrew Tabler and Jeffrey White September 13, 2012

Spillover from Syria Endangers Lebanon- Andrew Tabler and David Schenker August 21, 2012

Next Steps in Syria- Andrew Tabler August 1, 2012

Assad’s Final Warning- Andrew Tabler July 19, 2012

How to Advance Transition to a Post-Assad Future- Michael Herzog July 10, 2012

Senior Sunni Defections in Syria- Andrew Tabler July 5, 2012

Mounting Pressure on the Syrian Army- Jeffrey White July 2, 2012

Fluid Alliances: The Syrian Government’s Support for and Complicity in Terrorism- Andrew Tabler June 30, 2012

Annan’s Syria Action Group a Hopeful Sign- Andrew Tabler June 27, 2012

Syria Shoots Down Turkish Jet: Washington’s Dilemma- Andrew Tabler June 25, 2012

Cut Off Assad’s Lifelines- Andrew Tabler May 30, 2012

Syrian Jihadis: Real and Exaggerated- Andrew Tabler May 17, 2012

Breaking the Stalemate in Syria- Marwan Maalouf and Khattar Torbey December 16, 2011

A Multifaceted Response to Syria’s Brutality- Radwan Ziadeh May 5, 2011


And the Displacement in Syria Goes On – Elizabeth Ferris October 10, 2012

Saving Syria: Assessing Options for Regime Change- Daniel Byman, Michael Doran, Kenneth Pollack, and Salman Shaikh March 2012

Congressional Research Service

Syria: Unrest and U.S. Policy  Jeremy M. Sharp & Christopher M. Blanchard May 24, 2012

Legatum Institute

Preparing for a Syrian Transition – Ashraf Ghani and Clare Lockhart  November, 2012


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